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Photo Gallery & Testimonials
My name is Bill and I want to tell you what I like about Dog Days &Cat Naps.  I believe getting Max into a daycare setting is one of the best ideas for a pet.  He enjoys playing with other dogs and is able to get exercise rather than laying around the house while we are at work.  Most owners have experienced a hyper dog when coming home at the end of the day-Dog Days ensures your pet stays active and develops the personal skills to get along with other animals and hopefully comes home tired.  The staff is very knowledgeable and pay attention to the needs of your pet-Max gets so excited when I tell him he is going for a ride to play with his friends.  I recommend this to anyone that wishes to enhance your pet’s life and make life easier for owners when managing all aspects of our daily lives.  It is one of the best choices you can make.
-Bill Walsh, and his dog Max

Before Tembo went to Dog Days, he liked to chew on chair legs, steal socks, bark at the neighbors, and eat food off the cupboard.  At Dog Days, he gets to go to the playroom with the “big dogs”, and when he gets home at night, he is worn out.  He still has all his bad habits but he doesn’t pursue them as vigorously as he used to.  He loves going to Dog Days and nearly chokes himself trying to get from the car to their door in the morning. Thank you Dog Days!
Bob & Shelley, and their dog Tembo

My name is Bob Marley and I would like to take a few minutes of your time to tell you about Dog Days & Cat Naps – a most awesome place to go when you want to have a lot of fun and party with your friends!  I am definitely not the type of dog to pass up a good party!  Let’s start at the beginning.  My mom started bringing me here when I was 8 weeks old.  I am now 2 years old.  I’ve made a lot of friends here in those 2 years.  Riley is just one of many.  He is my mentor.  Riley taught me how to place nicely with others and showed me the ropes when I was a young pup.  Roxy is my best friend and my secret girlfriend – she thinks I’m too young for her but I don’t think so!  We like to play the game of “FETCH” together, but for some reason I just don’t understand the meaning of these 2 little words – “DROP IT” so that makes the name of the game change to “It’s mine and you CAN’T HAVE IT!”  I am currently working on improving my game habits – wish me luck!  I could go on and on about my friends here but it’s time to move on to the main subject – DOG DAYS & CAT NAPS!  If you want a clean, fun, and safe environment to learn those important social skills needed in life then this is THE place for you!  The new owners are wonderful!  They are knowledgeable about all things dog and are very dedicated to providing the best care possible for all us furry kids!  So stop in and check it out – it’s well worth your time and you might just see me!  My name is Bob Marley and I approve this testimonial!
-Bob Marley (and my owner, Lori Smith)

I really love it when my Grandpa and Dad take me to Dog Days (I don’t like cats).  I’m glad they don’t just leave me home alone.  I get so excited because I get lots of exercise, wrestling and playing chase with my friends.  All the staff takes very good care of me, letting me come in when I get hot, giving me my food, and always having water available.  Sometimes I get a bath, my toenails clipped, and my ears cleaned. Thanks for everything and I promise I’ll obey at all times!
-Wally (and my owners, Dallas and Grant Patterson)

My name is Mocha and I am a female dark chocolate Labrador retriever.  I love to go to doggy daycare to see all of my friends.  I really like Lila & Lori.  They treat me like I am so special.  They scratch my butt, give me baths, and play with me all day except during nap time.  I really love the doggy door that allows me to go do my business without holding it.  I have been going to daycare since I was 6 months old.  I am a very social dog and I get along with almost every dog!   Thank you for taking great care of me at daycare
-Mocha (and my owners, Cheryl and Mike)

Dog Days & Cat Naps is my favorite place in the whole world!  I get so excited when I know I’m going to see Lila and Lori that I start to sing and jump around, sometimes I’m so happy, I piddle a little!  I love to go to daycare and play with all my buddies!  Lila and Lori are really careful to make sure I have friends who like to play like I do, and guys who don’t play nice have to play in another area, so I’m always safe and always having fun. My human likes Dog Days & Cat Naps, because I sleep like a tired puppy after a day of playing, and she never has to feel guilty when she travels, because she knows I’m safe, having fun and getting all my special treats while she’s gone I love smells!!  My human likes Dog Days & Cat Naps because it smells good, looks clean and is organized and well managed.  She thinks it’s a safe and healthy place for me to stay and play.  I love Dog Days & Cat Naps but I love smells!
-Percy Wooten Frier (and Percy's owner, Carole)

Hi, I’m Zoey and I want to tell you about one of my favorite places.  Of course there is always the dog park, and my cozy bed in front of the fireplace, but there is also Dog Days & Cat Naps.  Each morning after I eat my breakfast I run to the door and see if my mom and dad say the magic words.  When they say ‘doggie daycare’ my tail just start wagging uncontrollably and I start jumping for joy.  As soon as they open the garage door I sprint to the car.  Once I get to Dog Days & Cat Naps, I leap out of the car and start sniffing everything that I can, and then wait by the door until someone lets me in.  When I’m there I have soooo much FUN!  I play with other dogs; some that are bigger than me and some that are smaller than me.  We just play and play and play.  If it’s nice outside we go and play in the yard.  It’s awesome to be able to run about and wrestle out there.  Then we take naps by then I’m just so tired from my morning workout I don’t mind.  But after that I am ready for more play.  I love getting to see all my friends and have QDT “quality doggie time.”  The owners just think I’m so cute too, they sneak me a snack sometimes when I’m being good.  I just love it there.  When my mom and dad come to pick me up at the end of the day sometimes I don’t even want to leave, but I know I’ll be able to come back again.  When I get home I go to my other favorite place, my bed.  Once I get home I am just pooped.  My parents say it’s the best and I agree!
-Zoey (and my owners, Tom & Barb)

Dog Days & Cat Naps is the best!!!  First of all, I love car rides so the trip to and from Dog Days are awesome.  As we head east toward Casey’s I know where we are and start to whine with excitement.  When we pull into the lot, I frantically try to get out of the car to see my friends.  Sometimes I pee a bit in the back seat but…whatever. Lori & Lila are always so happy to see me (if you knew me, you would totally understand!).  Dog Days has been the best thing for me as it provides me with a great outlet for my sociable personality.  As a result of Dog Days I think that all dogs should be my friend and I am not afraid of any dogs.  From the start, I became friends with Riley (a.k.a.  My Protector).  He is my protector since he is about three times my size and so is a great shield from the other big dogs when I get too playful.  Angel (a.k.a.  My Girlfriend).  I say girlfriend but keep it to yourself as I don’t know if she would agree.  The three of us and all my other partners in crime have so much fun all day long.  We just love it!! Sometimes my owners go on trips and I am boarded at Dog Days.  I can’t imagine that any trip they take is better than Dog Days but…whatever.  I love to board because they have kennels that are so roomy that I am able to take my crate and all my toys so I feel right at home.  By the way, Owners, when is your next trip?? Going back to my day stays – after a day of fun and games, I tend to fall asleep long before my bedtime.  As I drift off to sleep, I hear my owners say that they love doggie daycare days.  They laugh and I wonder as I fall asleep what is so funny but…whatever…Dog Days is the best!
Snoodles rock!!!!!!
Smokey J. Sanders (and my owners, Brian & Angie)

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